Nurse requirements in Hawaii

Hawaii Board of Nursing
DCCA, PVL Licensing
R. A Pack 3469
Honolulu, Beautiful hawaii 96801

As we all know where ever we live in in United States the demand for nurses is growing . If you want to be nurse in Hawaii, there are some rules that you need to follow. Its not that hard and not that easy too. You just need to organize your paper work properly

You have to take some nursing school at a state-accredited school in state of Hawaii. If you attend the regular university you will have to spend 4 years to get your bachelor degree. if you attend junior college you will spend 2 years for associate degree. The Board require you to take 250 hours of clinical where the school will let you know which healthcare facility that you going to take.

then you need to download the application from Hawaii Board of Nursing , so you could take the NCLEX exam. Postal mail the application, along with the $40 registration fee,

The NCLEX exam fee will cost you $200. you could pay online through Board of Nursing in Hawaii. also include your identification and your birth certificate so they could verify that you are from reside in HAWAII.
if you not live in Hawaii and want to work in Hawaii you need to filled out endorsement application where the Hawaii Board of Nursing will verify from previous Board of Nursing.

The place that you will take your place will be listed in Pearson Vue website. just pick up one of the location. is always best if you come 30 minutes early. so you could relax your mine. make sure have enough eat. you don’t want to feel hungry while taking the test. because if you hungry its hard to concentrate when you take the NCLEX exam.

study well before the test. the more you practice for the test the better. you could get SAMPLE NCLEX exam from ebay, amazon

if you passed the NCLEX exam you need to wait around 3 weeks until you receive your license through mail. just make sure you never move without telling the Board of Nursing.

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